Long Play   Contemporary

Est. 2023


Announcing For Heurtebise, a presentation of hitherto un-exhibited works developed between 2018 - 23 by Gabriel Cohen.

Accompanying the presentation will be a newly commissioned essay on Jean Cocteau’s 1950 film Orpheé by the scholar Lucy Campbell Whiteley, and the Los Angeles debut of a twelve hour-long original audio composition by musician Ben Babbit (composed originally as an audio component of Cohen’s 2021 presentation at Sweet Pass Sculpture Park, Dallas).

through Fall '23:

Gallery Hours

Fridays 4-6p
Saturdays 11a-2p

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Luke Palascak


1120 20th Street (alley), Santa Monica 90403

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July - September 2023 : Afloat Afield :: Janelle Borsberry, Ajit Chauhan, Deborah Hede, Cyrilla Mozenter, Luke Palascak, Anastasia Tokmakova

Santa Monica Prefecture:

October 2019 : Drawing Past to Present :: Deborah Hede

April - July 2019 : Close Your Eyes If You Want to See :: Dorit Cypis

October 2018 : single objects / man-altered landscapes :: Victor Saveljev

July 2016 : Social Moment :: Christina Mesiti & Janelle Borsberry

May 2016 : Tel :: Lauren Kasmer

March 2016 : Shown In Oblique :: Michael Russell & Kim Alexander

Malibu Circa 1990:

August 2011 : Ozlem Altin, Denver Billing, April Cortes, Ramona Gonzalez, Amy Howden-Chapman, Joe Hoyt, John Martinez, Luke Palascak, Joshua Petherick, Mike Russell, Ola Vasiljeva

October 2010 : Liz Marx, Luke Palascak, Joshua Petherick, Mike Russell, Ola Vasiljeva, Marianne Viero